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Background πŸ™ˆ of appstorr

I did some text analysis on SafeBoda Google Play Store Reviews and someone challenged me to work on a package around it for any company with an app to look into their reviews faster and easier, so i did!!πŸ˜ƒ

Installation πŸ’½

The latest stable version (if any) could be found on Appstorr, and installed using devtools package.

if (!require(devtools)) install.packages("devtools")

Usage β˜„οΈ

The package is extremely easy to use. Almost everything could be done in one line of code.

df <- appstorr::df_safeboda
appstorr::quick_report(data = df, 
                       report_title = "Awesome SafeBoda Text Analysis Report")

Future Work🀠

  • A Sentiment Model to Predict a Rating Based the content in the Review.
  • Work on an Interactive Web Application to bring the Analysis to Life for any Application on Google Play Store